The official agency in Australia & New Zealand for Ray Comfort's Living Waters ministry
Official Down Under agency for Living Waters

E.Z., Mark, & Oscar are Down Under to film for the next season of the Way of the Master television show.
They have a hectic but exciting few days in Australia & New Zealand as they film in Sydney, Melbourne, & Christchurch.
If you can, come support them as they preach and film.

FRI 13 October5:00PMBondi Beach, Boardwalk
SAT 14 October3:30PMManly Beach. CANCELLED
SAT 14 October7:30PMManly Beach. CANCELLED
MON 16 October6:45PMBurke Street Mall
WED 18 October8:00PMBridge of Remembrance
THU 19 October7:30PMBridge of Remembrance (or Square)
Times subject to change. Contact us via WhatsApp for enquiries.

Crowd Etiquette

A crowd attracts a crowd. Your presence could encourage others to stop and listen. Here are some tips to make sure you’re helping and not hindering.

Firstly look and listen to the preaching. This will encourage others to stop and listen. Never stand with your back to the preacher or look distracted. During the preaching is not the time to chat with friends. Why should anyone stop and listen if those in front of the speaker aren’t even attentive? It is so easy to chat with friends when you’ve heard the gospel a million times before. I have found myself doing it, but it is so disheartening for the preacher to speak to the backs of a crowd.

Also, don’t argue with hecklers. That will ruin an open-air meeting. The heckler is the best thing for drawing a crowd. Let the preacher engage with them. They will use the heckler to their own advantage.

If you’re part of the crowd, only hand out tracts at the end, or as someone is leaving. We want them to listen to the preacher first.

Remember, the enemy will do everything he can to distract your listeners. Don’t let him. See 2 Timothy 2:24–26 comment.