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Evangelism Training

Do you want your church to be trained in evangelism? We have various options for you. Book a Speaker In-person training can be among the most effective. People comprehend more when listening to someone who’s physically in the room. Book one of our speakers for your Sunday service, to encourage and equip your congregation to […]

The Firefighter

Be challenged by a fictitious but powerful analogy called “The Firefighter.” Join Kirk Cameron as he gives a running commentary (using hidden cameras) while Ray Comfort shares his faith with strangers.

What Did Jesus Do?

What did Jesus do when it came to reaching the lost? This teaching will help you to remember key stepping stones to powerful Biblical principles. These framework can be useful so you alway know where you are in a conversation, and where to go next.

God has a wonderful plan for your life

Have you ever heard the phrase “God has a wonderful plan for your life”? Do you think it’s biblical? Before you answer, consider this: What would you say if you were able to preach to 1,000 people in Tower One of the World Trade Center, the day before it collapsed and killed them? Would you […]

10 Scientific Facts in the Bible – Movie

If it’s true that the Bible contains scientific facts that were written thousands of years before man discovered them, the implications are staggering. These facts would be evidence that the Bible is the word of God, and its promise of Heaven and threat of Hell are therefore not to be mocked or ignored. “Ten of […]

Crazy Bible – Movie

The Bible is full of crazy stories…things that sound like fairy tales on par with Cinderella’s coach turning into a pumpkin at midnight. You don’t want to miss this full, free movie.

7 Reasons – Movie

Is it okay to abort a baby? What would you say? People give many reasons why abortion is an acceptable choice, including: The inconvenience of pregnancy Incompetence of parents Infant disabilities It’s the woman’s body It’s not a baby Rape or incest She’s not ready to be a parent Watch as author and award-winning filmmaker […]

Evangelism Link

Since Living Waters Down Under started in 2014, we’ve run a page where you could submit your details to be connected with others nearby. It never quite worked due to the manual labour involved, and our limited resources. However, it has been completely rebuilt and made more robust. You can now create your own profile […]

WHAT IS IT? – Full Movie

The One Question to End Abortion—WHAT IS IT? | Full Movie

You were you from the moment of fertilization—a unique human being who will never be repeated in all of human history. Abortion is one of the most hotly debated and complex topics in the world. Hitting the streets with common-sense reasoning, Mark Spence, Ray Comfort, and Emeal (“E.Z.”) Zwayne use science, philosophy, and theology to […]

Why is Ned Kelly on your gospel tract?

When this tract was first commissioned back in about 2005, it was no easy choice who to pick to stick on the front. The person on the novelty note would need to be well known and instantly recognisable. Ideally their legacy would need to assist with a witnessing encounter. Help spark conversations and discussions about […]