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**** You and Living Waters were recently targeted by Politico. What was your reaction to the article?

“It didn’t surprise me in the slightest. It’s expected that certain media outlets will slant and misrepresent certain facts to suit their own purposes. This was the case with this article. But the real facts are available for everyone to plainly see in the videos they referenced, as I highlight in my response video. 

**** What’s your reaction to the lede: House Speaker Mike Johnson sits on the board of a Christian publishing house that suggested getting “monkeypox” was “an inevitable and appropriate penalty” for being gay and that former President Barack Obama was rumored to be the Antichrist because of his “leanings toward Islam.” in particular?

Conflict gets news articles read, and this created conflict. However, the video to which they linked is a most loving interaction I had with two homosexuals who both listened respectably, and were clearly thankful for our conversation. 

The monkey pox issue was posed as a question rather than a statement.

The list for Antichrist candidates down through the ages has included every man and his dog. That was just part of the list I’d heard over the last fifty years.  Barack Obama and Donald Trump have been rumored to be candidates—political bias certainly comes into play as to whether they are potential candidates. Obama made it because of an item I saw on CNN.

**** Why do you think the media are coming down so hard on Johnson?

It’s par for the course for any Christian. The Bible says, “All who live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution” (2 Timothy 3:12). Mike is a very high profile godly man, so it’s to be expected from a sin-loving world.

**** You were described as a “far-right organization.” What do you make of that?

If far-right means that we don’t want babies killed in the womb—that we only want that which is right in the sight of God, then so be it—we are far right. 

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