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Get equipped. Serve Boldly.

Gain a new passion
for the lost

The Ambassadors' Academy

22 - 25, January, 2025
Melbourne, Australia

Registration Open

Limited Spaces Available

Throughout the years, the Ambassadors’ Academy, an outreach of Living Waters, has trained over hundreds of people from around the world in biblical evangelism.

At the Ambassadors’ Academy, you will get equipped to serve as a bold ambassador of Christ and gain a new passion for the lost. Hosted by the Living Waters team from various international agencies, this intensive evangelism training will give you all the tools you need, regardless of your level of experience. You will be able to share the gospel and enjoy a tremendous time of spiritual growth and personal encouragement.

What is it?

The Ambassadors’ Academy is a multi-day training conference where we will train you how to effectively reach the lost. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to step out in faith as you learn not only to talk to people one-to-one, but we will give you guidance on how to be a capable open air preacher too.

Subjects we usually cover

  • Way of the Master’ (a Biblical evangelism method)
  • How to do one-to-ones
  • How to do open air
  • How to handle intellectual encounters
  • How to witness to atheists, homosexuals, family members, friends etc.
  • How to respond to objections
  • How to start a conversation
  • Relativism
  • How to use apologetics
  • Question and answer sessions

Code of conduct

  • If you’re attending the event, you can download a copy of our Code of Conduct document below.


Main Speakers

John Harris

Living Waters Europe

Chris Sandford

Living Waters Down Under

Ben Price

Living Waters Down Under

Special Guests (via Skype)

Ray Comfort

Founder & CEO, Living Waters USA

Emeal Zwayne

President, Living Waters USA

Mark Spence

Serior Vice President, Living Waters USA

Oscar Navarro

Vice President of Ministry, Living Waters USA


Academy registration includes all training seminars and class materials.

Early Bird

AUD$ 199
Per Person
  • 3 Days of Study
  • 1 Day Practical
  • 20+ Sessions
  • Starter Resources
  • Refreshments
Limited Time

Full Price

AUD$ 299
Per Person
  • 3 Days of Study
  • 1 Day Practical
  • 20+ Sessions
  • Starter Resources
  • Refreshments

Living Waters Europe Academy VIDEOS

We’ve partnered with Living Waters Europe to conduct our first Down Under Ambassadors’ Academy.
John Harris and his wife Daniella have been involved in Academies in Europe and the USA, and are excited to join us for this one.

The videos below are from their European Academies.


Most frequent questions and answers

Accommodation is entirely up to you to book. This means you can choose based on your needs and budget. Upon registration, we will provide you with a list of suitable places you can consider.

p.s. We’ve found often has cheaper prices than a hotel’s own website.

All transport is up to you to organise. The Academy is held at a church on a main bus route to make transport for those without a vehicle easier.

Upon registration, we will provide a list of suitable places to stay, which will also include the bus routes to the church.

There is free parking at the church.

During the short breaks between sessions, we will provide refreshments, such as coffee, tea, biscuits. However all other meals, (Breakfasts, Lunches, & Dinners etc) are not provided, and are up to you to organise.