The official agency in Australia & New Zealand for Ray Comfort's Living Waters ministry
Official Down Under agency for Living Waters

Living Waters Down Under is an agency of Living Waters Publications founded by Ray Comfort. It opened in 2014 with the specific goal to train Christians how to evangelise and provide Living Waters resources locally to Australia and New Zealand.

Although the ministry is run from Australia, Living Waters Down Under has two distribution centres to help reduce postage costs. One is located in Victoria, Australia, and the other is located on the South Island of New Zealand.


Our vision is to inspire and equip Christians in fulfilling the Great Commission.

We accomplish this through our award-winning television program “The Way of the Master,” our youtube videos, such as “The Comfort Zone with Ray Comfort”, and through the many DVDs, books, and unique gospel tracts we produce. Our earnest prayer is that God would raise up labourers as never before. Our desire is for those labourers to embrace biblical evangelism, and our aim is to equip them with tools to make the task easy and effective.


In our passion to glorify God, magnify His grace, and exalt His Son, Jesus Christ, it is our mission to serve the local church by assisting in globally educating God’s people in the principles of biblical evangelism; Exhorting them to fulfil the Great Commission; and equipping them with every necessary resource along the way. We do this primarily through the teaching and preaching of God’s Word, strategic conferences, academic and practical training opportunities, networking platforms, and the production and dissemination of various printed and audio/visual media.